An exclusive look at Paragon 700’s new signature cocktail menu.
July, 2023

This year, we drew inspiration from our beautiful garden, full of lavender flowers and the delightful scent of blooming citrus trees. In addition to various oranges, lemons, and citrons, our citrus grove boasts a Yuzu tree and two-finger limes. When their fruits aren’t in season, we get creative with their leaves.

From here, we came up with the idea of using elements from the garden to create a connection with our guests. Through the scents, sights, and, ultimately, the taste of the drinks, we offer a unique experience, and it begins with our signature gin: Gin Potion.

Is it possible to distill and bottle the essence of Paragon 700?

With our new Gin Potion, we can confidently say we’ve accomplished just that. Our gin is a blend of botanicals sourced from our own garden.

Its classic juniper taste is elevated by the mix of lemongrass, lavender, citron, bitter and sweet oranges. Its intense aroma blends perfectly with the fresh citrus scent, making it ideal for mixing or sipping straight.

An exclusive product, Gin Potion 700 is distilled and bottled in Puglia with a unique, angular bottle design inspired by the historic façade of Palazzo Rosso and the renowned Paragon diamond.

Our gin is a sensory experience designed to shake up your taste buds.

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4 cl Potion 700 Gin
2 cl Tio Pepe sherry
2 cl clarified pear juice
1 cl fake lime
Topped off with Paragon 700 Blanc de Noirs champagne.

Indulge in the luxurious taste of the 24 kt cocktail, a tribute to the clear colors of gold with a captivating sparkle. This drink is elevated by the unique combination of Potion 700 Gin and Paragon 700 champagne, making it a truly exceptional experience from aperitif to after-dinner or sipping by the pool. For a perfect after-dinner drink, the 700 sour combines the botanicals of Potion 700 Gin and bitter, accompanied by fresh lemon juice and a homemade syrup using the botanicals from our garden to create a silky and fresh taste that will leave you wanting more.

700 SOUR
3 cl Potion 700 Gin
2 cl Rurale bitter
3 cl lemon juice
2 cl lemongrass and lavender syrup
2 dashes of homemade cedar bitter
1 egg white.

Enjoy the ultimate after-dinner treat with the 700 sour cocktail! The perfect balance of Potion 700 Gin and bitter come together to create a botanical masterpiece that aids in digestion. Fresh lemon juice adds a burst of acidity, while a homemade syrup made from the freshest botanicals from our garden adds a touch of sweetness. The result is a silky and fresh taste that will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Images courtesy of Paragon 700