In 2020, Canadian Writer Giovanna G. Bonomo resigned from her secure management role at a television network and uprooted her family to Italy, not knowing that two days after arriving, the country would shut down and the Italy she imagined would never be the same again. During lockdown, she spent all of her energy on understanding Italy’s magnetic pull over many of us that goes beyond pizza, pasta, and rolling hills. During this time, Giovanna became the International Editor for a Canadian luxury magazine, wrote the book Lost & Found in Italy that went on to be published in both English and Italian by LuoghInteriori press, and directed the feature-length documentary by the same name (currently in post-production).

In 2023, Lost & Found Italy magazine was established in partnership with Rome—based IT company PC CUBE. Unlike other publications and channels that promote Italy, almost in a Disney Land-like fashion, LF Italy magazine stands apart for its commitment to unveiling the rare and wonderful people, places, and perspectives coming out of Italy that will enrich you culturally and leave you feeling more creative, inspired, and informed.


The quarterly magazine is available in print and online. Digital subscribers have access to our complete archive, which includes a digital replica of every issue of the art and design-inspired print magazine. We will also offer our community interviews, behind-the-scenes, and will soon offer audio readings of selected pieces at no charge. Our website, lfitalymag.com, features the entire contents of each quarter’s magazine, plus additional reporting and commentary by our Italian and International editors and writers.


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