Venture beyond the regular tourist route and delve deeper into the cave system, guided by expert speleologists
December, 2023

Attracting more than15 million visitors since opening to the public, the Castellana Caves have become one of Puglia’s most important attractions. the castellana caves offer a captivating 3-kilometer journey 70 meters into the underground world, where nature’s artistry, mystery, and deep earth are on full display.

As you step into the Crystal Cave of Castellana Grotte in Puglia, a rush of anticipation courses through your veins.  The Castellana Grotte Caves, the Speleologist tells you is a network of underground caves that stretches for more than 3 kilometers. However, only a portion of the cave system, 1 kilometer to be exact, known as the “Tourist Route,” is open to the public.

The air is  cool and damp, and the silence is almost tangible, broken only by the sound of water droplets echoing in the distance.


Descending deeper into the cool and dank abyss, the narrow path leads you through a labyrinth of stunning formations. To your left, stalactites hung from the ceiling like delicate icicles, glistening in the soft glow of the dim lights.

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Their intricate patterns and sparkling surfaces seemed almost ethereal, as if the cave itself held secrets from another world. To your right, stalagmites rising from the ground, as if reaching towards the heavens. Some are tall and slender, like ancient sentinels guarding the secrets of the underground. Others are stout and sturdy, seemingly defying gravity as they stand proudly amidst the darkness.

Venturing further into the depths, the cave opens up into vast chambers, each more awe-inspiring than the last. The sheer magnitude of the space leaves you breathless, and you can’t help but feel a sense of reverence for nature’s ability to produce and shape this underground wonder.

As you bid farewell to nature’s hidden mysteries, you can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the earth itself. A reminder of the wonders that lay beneath your feet, waiting to be discovered and appreciated. It is a humbling experience that fills you with a deep appreciation for the world around, above, and below you.

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Photography by Giordano Rossoni