Through their multi-generational commitment to preserving the heritage of vintage Riva boats and promoting contemporary art and design, Bellini Nautica has opened its doors to Bellini Gallery: a destination for anyone who shares their love for beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation.
July, 2023

At Bellini Nautica, their philosophy is beauty begets beauty. The company, which has been restoring and trading vintage Riva boats for three generations, is now creating a space for enthusiasts of all ages who appreciate the finer things in life, in Bellini’s case, Riva yachts.

The Bellini Gallery is a unique concept that combines luxury boating, cars, and art. The gallery’s collection is carefully curated to showcase the best contemporary art and design inspired by the world of luxury boating. The artworks are intentionally provocative and express physicality, excitement, and eccentricity, challenging traditional forms of expression. Every artist is carefully selected based on the combination of talent and shared values, and passion for luxury boating. From limited edition prints to original sculptures and installations, each piece is chosen based on quality, originality, and relevance (and reverence) to the world of luxury boating.

The gallery is quickly expanding and acquiring new pieces from artists worldwide, such as Rudolf Van den Ven, Aaron Brimhall, Vasjen Katro, Ken Kelleher, Xavier Casalta, Nois 7, and Fabian Oefner, who produce exclusive and limited-edition pieces for the collection.

We believe art and boating have a natural synergy, as they evoke a sense of beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation. We aim to showcase the best contemporary art and design inspired by the world of luxury boating and create a unique space where art lovers and boating enthusiasts can come together and appreciate the beauty of both worlds.

— Martina Bellini,
Creator and Curator of Bellini Gallery and Head of Communications and Marketing of Bellini Nautica
Flying Riva by Ken Kelleher

Martina Bellini’s vision for the gallery is not only to showcase prominent artists in the world of photography and digital art but also to create a cultural hub for the boating community and to reach younger audiences, as they have found that the average age of luxury boat buyers is decreasing.

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We want to create a space where people can come together and exchange ideas. Where they can share their passion for boating and art and learn from each other. We believe that art has the power to inspire and connect people, and we hope that our gallery can catalyze cultural exchange and creativity.

The gallery is not just a place to admire works of art but an experience that will leave a mark on visitors. Visiting the gallery in person is a truly immersive experience, as visitors can see the artwork in the same environment as the Vintage Riva Collection, creating a unique atmosphere that perfectly combines the beauty of art with the elegance and craftsmanship of luxury boating. The gallery also hosts various events, including exhibitions, talks, and workshops, providing opportunities for art lovers and boating enthusiasts to unite and celebrate their shared passions.

Anyone interested in the intersection of art and luxury boating can explore and acquire the collection online and learn more about the artists and their work at

Artwork courtesy of Ken Kelleher, Artist & Digital Designer